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Supporting Local Amateur Athletes

Mellow Massage true purpose is to provide a service to those who need it.

In light of this and due to the fact I am based in Pembrokeshire. I understand that there are many sports enthusiasts and amateur athletes that require regular sports massage treatments.

During regular sports massage treatments I can monitor any niggles or muscle tension areas. You can talk about old injuries. We can discuss your training and you can ask for specific areas to be treated. The treatment is tailored to you. I can refer you to other health care professionals if appropriate.

Often athletes will push through muscle pain and discomfort in order to pursue their goal, I know this because I have done the same. This is not recommended.

So if you are going to "up" your training and or push yourself physically harder than you have before. If you have signed up to take on Ironman Wales for the first, second or third time or any other sports event to a 5km run.

I understand that you are paying for allot of kit, i.e. bike, wetsuit, gym membership, running shoes or up to the minute sports watches. I understand that sports massage is last on your list of things to pay for in preparation for any event.

With all this in mind. During the next 6 months including, February, March, April, May, June & July. I am offering a special deal to those of you who are signed up to do an event this year.

So the deal over the next 6 months is this. Terms and conditions. If you are signed up to do a sports event or two or three. If you book one massage treatment per month for the next 6 months. I will offer you an exclusive rate for a 45 minute sports massage treatment for £25 per session for 6 months. You must book your first treatment by the 1st of March 2019 to take up this offer. Subject to availability. Contact me direct to book 07512044764.

So that is 6 months of regular sports massage treatments to help you.

If you want to book this 6 month exclusive sports massage package. Send me a message or simply comment on this post with a "Book me in" comment and let's get you booked in 📷

Tenby Cycle Fit Building, The Old Dairy, Salterns, Tenby


Many Thanks for reading.

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