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Desk Posture Pain Tips to healthier posture and pain relief.

Working from home? Back in the office? Computer based work station?

Anna Marie here, business owner at Mellow massage. Around 75% of my clients have shoulder related tension due to working at a computer.

The good news is that I attended a CPD workshop over the weekend and I have a few tips for those of you who are primarily sat at a desk most of the time. To help you reduce tension and strain on your body. Let's look at what can be done. Though I might put myself out of work here...

1) Your computer/ monitor or laptop screen, where is it? Is it at eye level or is it too low so your neck is facing down? or perhaps your screen is too high and your neck is reaching upwards? Ideally your computer screen is at eye level so that your neck is neutral and relaxed. Imagine looking at someone who's using their mobile phone, neck bending down, this is really bad for your neck over a long period of time. Go check if your computer screen is at eye level. Adjust if required.

2) What mouse do you use? Is it an external mouse? Ideally Blue tooth mouses work best so that you are not over reaching to use and nor are you working too closely to yourself, hunching over is not good for you either. Your arm should be relaxed and not over reaching nor working too close to your body.

3) How often do you stand up, get up from your desk? How often should you get up from your chair? Apparently every 30/45 minutes you need to move, ideally you would have an adjustable desk that you can both sit at and stand up, in other words the desk has an adjustable height so that is it at eye level when you stand to work. This means you would stand for 30/45 minutes working then sit for 30/45 minutes and repeat until the end of your working day, moving around is so important for the body.

4) How often do you look away from your screen? Do you know the recommended time and suggestions? Every 20 minutes is the recommended time to look away from your screen into the distance, you should look at something that is at least 20 feet away for at least 20 seconds to help your eyes focus on long distance as well as short distances.

5) Check your eye sight, are you leaning into your computer screen so that you can see it better? This is forcing you to lean over your desk putting some pressure on your lower back to hinge over for long periods of time. This is not good, get your eyes tested at the opticians.

That's all my top tips for today folks.

Leave a comment and be sure to like and share with your friends, if you think someone you know will benefit from this post. Thank you Anna-Marie

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