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Benefits of a "one off' and "regular" massage treatments

I want to express my thoughts regarding regular massage treatments.

When we talk about regular massage treatments, people sit in one category, once a week, once every 2 weeks, once a month and once every 6 weeks.

New clients often comment on how they "suffered" in silence, with knee pain, lower back pain, neck and shoulder pain, or even headaches. Clients comment, on how they waited until the pain became too unbearable to manage or they dont want to take pain killers anymore, then they book a massage with me.

This is where my work comes into things. Clients comment on how they felt instantly relieved after one massage quite often. I also provide clients with possible physiological explanations for the various pains they feel. I can help educate you on the physiological aspects of your massage treatment. In other words, I am not just pressing down on some muscles aimlessly. I can actually explain to you what I am doing and why I am doing it physilogically whilst massaging and treating you.

As a client of mine, I want you to walk away feeling like I have treated you like you are the most important person you will ever need to look after. Yes I will help you to connect with your body physiologically, so that you feel empowered.

I often give away myofascial release balls to my clients and I demonstrate on how to use it, so that my clients can work on tension areas at home in their own time, without having to keep coming back to me. Yes I help you to the point I sometimes put myself out of work.

If you book regular massage treatments with me, I will give you regular constant feedback on the state of your muscles, including the tension areas and I will work holistically to help you the best way possible, including homecare advice and much much more.

Please follow the link to block book your massages for 6 months and find out why my clients rebook week after week, month after month and why I have 5 star reviews all over the internet.

Thank you for reading.

Anna-Marie Business owner

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