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Clients, friends, colleagues and friends of Mellow Massage,

I want you to know that I'm currently following all government guidelines to ensure that your SAFETY is my number one priority when I reopen and offer massage treatments.

I am an ethical, public health professional and I take this role very seriously.

You may already know that you can now book treatments from the 27th of July onwards as per the government.

However from now on the process of me taking your booking to the completion of your massage treatment will be somewhat different to what you are used to.

If you are at high risk of contracting Covid-19 or if you are in contact with or if you are a carer of someone who is at high risk of contracting infections then I would strongly recommend that you make an informed decision as to whether a massage at this time is totally necessary for you, as there are other ways I can help you for example a telephone or Zoom (live) call to help you with your physical discomfort and to offer you personalised helpful advice.

If you book a massage and it is safe to treat you, 24 hours before your treatment, I will screen you for Covid-19, using an online questionnaire that will be emailed to you.

I will also screen you in person before I treat you.

I will also be carrying out regular hourly/daily checks and documenting my own personal health for your peace of mind and SAFETY.

As always moving forward, I am available on a zoom call to help you at all times, as the least amount of time we spend in close contact person to person will be the new normal.

The amount of time I spend hands on treating you will be no longer than 45 minutes. This is to enhance the protection of both you and I.

If you book with me for the first time, I will email your consultation form prior to your treatment to you.

If you are an existing client of mellow massage, I will telephone you prior to your treatment to hold a telephone consultation.

Deep cleaning and disinfection of my therapy equipment will take place between each treatment that I perform, and all of the disposable PPE equipment I use during your treatment will be replaced and disposed of safely.

Whilst you are in my presence and during your massage treatment, absolutely everything you come in contact with will be used only for your massage and will not be used for any other person except you. I hope that is crystal clear.

All of these safety measures (and there are a lot more), are now in place for the foreseeable future to PROTECT both you & I.

We all need to stay VIGILANT even whilst the government eases the lockdown measures.

I am taking all of the precautions very seriously to keep you SAFE.

Please keep your eye out HERE on my website for everything you need to know, it will be updated daily and weekly.

If you are on my mailing list you will receive an email with all the information that I need to communicate with you. If you want to be added to my emailing list, please by all means, send me your email address.

Anna-Marie Business Owner.

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