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What to expect during a Sports Massage Consultation and Treatment with me.

I have decided to write this post, as many people are both interested and surprised at the level of detail required to complete a comprehensive treatment.

There are 4 elements to the visit.

1) Your consultation. There are 2 parts to the consultation process. Firstly I will ask you to complete a standard health questionnaire which is a legal operating procedure. The second part of the sports massage consultation is an in depth process, where your physical activities are recorded. Any previous, or re-occurring injuries or new injuries are also discussed in detail and recorded. Together we discuss briefly your nutritional status. I can examine your posture, and I can offer simple correctional advice and if necessary I can refer you to your GP or another health care professional for further advice. I also check for any muscle imbalances. I can also check your level of range of motion in a particular skeletal joint.

2) Treatment aim. Once the consultation process is complete, I can decide the most appropriate action to take. I may recommend a sports massage treatment to you, with the aim to improve tissue elasticity, to increase range of motion and to improve soft tissue function. There are many more treatment aims, I can advise you of them during your treatment. I can also refer you to another health care professional.

3) The Sports Massage Treatment.The treatment begins by warming up superficial tissues and relaxing the muscles if possible, there are certain massage strokes such as effleurage which allow me to palpate the condition of your tissues. The treatment aim in some circumstances is to increase blood flow & movement of lymph around the area, I may aim to stretch tissues & muscle fibers if required to increase mobility between tissues. In some cases I am looking to increase range of motion where tissues and fibers have become tight, which in turn may cause less range of motion and in some cases referred pain. The aims of a treatment can be tenfold and so therefore please ask me during your treatment any questions you may have regarding the treatment itself.

4) Aftercare advice. This part of the visit is very important for you. I will equipt you with some professional advice on how to take care of yourself following your treatment. I may provide you with some stretching exercises to take home. I can also refer you to a physiotherapist or a personal trainer to gain some strength training if required.

If you have any questions regarding a sports massage treatment, contact me via messaging or by telephone on 07512044764. Thank You.

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